Updated 17Mar2024.

I was inspired to post this page by Now Now Now created by Derek Sivers.

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Just over four years ago, some guys I used to play shows with asked if I’d be interested in listening to the songs they were writing. I showed up with guitar practice gear and slowly turned my volume down as I realized I couldn’t keep up, but promised to work on it if they’d be patient with me.

About a year later, “working on it” solo quit working, so I taking weekly guitar lessons with Jesse Totushek.

Even when I was in a bands (like Burning Both Ends, and Ten Dark Years), I never really “practiced.” I just played music that was in my wheel-house or dumbed it down until it was in my wheelhouse.

For the first time in my life, I’m practicing to develop technical proficiency so I can hold down my parts with The Odd Goods.

This may be obvious to some, but I am just learning WordPress.

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