I came across a discussion between digital nomads; location independent freelancers and entrepreneurs who can live and work anywhere with good wifi.

The discussion went like this; (my paraphrase)

We all work our tails off to get that freedom; that control over our time and location. And we build great careers and great businesses. But once we have that control, and the freedom that comes with it. and we try to get “to the next level,” we can’t.

Our “why” was “freedom of time and location.” But once we have that, we don’t know what we want next, and “leveling up” our freelancing or our business rings hollow.

Once that “pain” is gone (the pain of being stuck in an office in a city 8 hours x 5 days x 52 weeks per year), then what. …

What’s that change you want to see that is worth experiencing the discomfort that comes with growth toward making that change?